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BOKKA company is a distributor of high quality GORLICKA® sandwich panels and termPIR® insulation boards from renowned producer Gór-Stal®

Starting cooperation with our company, you will find out about our very good service efficiency, meeting deadlines, competitive prices and quality of products received. Our customers come back to us very often, but our products - NEVER!

By deciding on our PIR boards, you choose the highest quality materials, certified in accordance with European Union directives and standards and a guarantee of satisfaction for up to 40 years of use. Such effects cannot be obtained by using traditional insulating materials: eg. Styrofoam, which loses its insulating properties by oxidation of the material or mineral wool, which loses its properties year by year mainly due to high water absorbency. Extensive use of insulation boards makes this material suitable not only for industrial buildings, but also for the construction of detached houses or thermal insulation of ready-made houses.

    The main strengths of our PIR insulation boards (polyisocyanurates) are:
  • High fire retardant parameters
  • High compression resistance
  • Resistance to all kinds of fungi, molds and rodents
  • Unlimited time shelf life
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Low weight (lower transport costs)
  • High quality

In our offer you will find both new plates, first-class and cheaper - also full-value in the second grade.

We provide an individual approach to every job, because your satisfaction is most important to us. We invite you to cooperate, and we encourage you to contact us.